Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez

Many people question if the American dream really exists. For Luis Gomez, a 21 year old recent immigrant from the Dominican Republic, the American dream was just hearsay, and from what he was experiencing, it would be unattainable to him. Luis came to this country with the rest of his family in search of a better life, and like many other individuals who migrate to the United States, he came here to find sustainable employment and to pursue a higher education. Unfortunately, these things did not come easily to him, and Luis had to experience firsthand what it takes in order to make it in this country.

One day while speaking to his aunt, a resident of Sunset Park, Luis was introduced to OBT and learned how the organization could assist him with finding a job. Although he initially came to OBT to enroll in the Youth Job Training and GED program, OBT staff recommended that he take ESOL classes to improve his English language skills. Although Luis understood English, he was not fluent enough to enroll in the youth program. In a few short months, Luis improved his English proficiency and enrolled in the Youth Job Training and GED Program.

It was his good attitude that helped him complete the program and find a job before many of his peers. He was able to obtain the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and the National Retail Federation Customer Service Certification. With the assistance of the Corporate Recruiters at OBT, Luis was hired as a Computer Specialist at People Care in Manhattan.

For over 30 years, People Care has been the industry leader of high quality home health aides, personal care aides, and nursing services throughout all five (5) boroughs of New York City as well as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties. At People Care, Luis is responsible for managing over seven different contracts in which he processes and oversees the payroll for over 200 employees who are hired through the agency. In addition to this major responsibility, he also does insurance verification's, data entry, and various other administrative tasks.

According to Luis` supervisor Judy King, Director of Operations, “Luis is by far one of the best hires I have ever made. He is absolutely a phenomenal young man and has been a wonderful addition to our family at People Care.”

Luis states that with OBT`s assistance, he has been able to help his family obtain and pay for an apartment where they can live comfortably. “I want to thank OBT for taking me in and helping me learn English but especially for helping me find a job. Thanks to OBT, I now have a better quality of life and feel like I can accomplish my dreams.”

Luis plans on continuing his education and pursuing a career in Social Work. In January, he is scheduled to start classes at the CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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