Many people question if the American dream really exists. For Luis Gomez, a 21 year old recent immigrant from the Dominican Republic, the American dream was just hearsay, and from what he was experiencing, it would be unattainable to him. Luis came to this country with the rest of his family in ... More>
Finding a job today is not easy, and when you do find a job, you are uncertain about the professional growth and support your employer provides. Fortunately, for OBT participants who are employed by Cheven Keely & Hatzis, the future is more promising and rewarding because of the supervision and ment... More>
Imagine being 16 with a newborn child, waking up with bruises almost every day, and being told that you are worthless and would never amount to anything. At that age aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for your Sweet 16 or spending countless hours talking on the telephone with your fri... More>
Many of our trainees undergo dire circumstances where many times they may not have enough money to merely cover transportation costs to attend the program, or perhaps their families may not have enough to pay for next month’s rent. Through its partnership with the Community Service Society (CS... More>
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