Executive Staff
Randolph Peers - Chief Executive Officer rpeers@obtjobs.org
Annie Norbeck - Chief Program Officer
Bryant Lee - Chief Fiscal Officer blee@obtjobs.org
Janet Tsakos - Chief Administrative Officer jtsakos@obtjobs.org
Senior Leadership Team
Leah Hebert - Director of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships lhebert@obtjobs.org
Program Leadership Team
Flutra Gorana - Director, Youth Education & Job
Training Program + Medical Administrative
Assistant Program fgorana@obtjobs.org
Dani Smejkal - Director of OBT Programs, Y Roads Jamaica dsmejkal@obtjobs.org
Darren Latanick - Senior Director of Adult Services dlatanick@obtjobs.org
Susan Gambale - Director of Out-of-School Youth Training Program Sunset Park sgambale@obtjobs.org
Kim Murrell-Robinson - Director of Young Adult Internship Program krobinson@obtjobs.org
Alice Goncalves - Director of Quality Assurance & Retention agoncalves@obtjobs.org
Kevin Guscott - Site Manager, YAIP Bed-Stuy kguscott@obtjobs.org
Alyssa Bain - ONA Coordinator abain@obtjobs.org
Pablo Sierra - Director of OBT Programs, Y Roads Bronx - psierra@obtjobs.org
Janet Marcic - Director, Outreach, Recruitment & Community Relations jmarcic@obtjobs.org
Administrative Support:
Sunset Park
Edixia Perez - Accounting Associate eperez@obtjobs.org
Nicole Choi - Data Reporting Manager nchoi@obtjobs.org
Sophia Tsororos - Administrative Service Coordinator stsororos@obtjobs.org
Elizabeth Diaz - Program Associate ediaz@obtjobs.org

Marcia Ramlal - Quality Assurance Specialist mramlal@obtjobs.org
Enrique Banchon - Program Associate ebanchon@obtjobs.org
Nancy Rosario - Senior Program Associate - nrosario@obtjobs.org
Stephanie Ramos - Program Associate - sramos@obtjobs.org
Edwin Reyes - Senior Program Associate, Medical Administrative Assistant Program ereyes@obtjobs.org
Alexandra Robin - Program Associate arobin@obtjobs.org
Lewis A. Cabarrouy - Senior Program Associate lcabarrouy@obtjobs.org

Bushwick Workforce Resource Center
Elizabeth Tavares - Program Associate etavares@obtjobs.org

Angel Gonzalez - Program Associate agonzalez@obtjobs.org
Amarilis Torres - Program Associate atorres2@obtjobs.org

Y Roads Jamaica
Leatrice Stewart - lstewart@obtjobs.org

Y Roads Bronx
Diana Rodriguez - Program Associate drodriguez@obtjobs.org
Sunset Park
Salvador Fuentes - Computer Instructor sfuentes@obtjobs.org
Haxhire Redzovic - Keyboarding/Office Procedures hredzovic@obtjobs.org
Anthony Magnotti - Business English amagnotti@obtjobs.org
Dallis Stamps - Business Math dstamps@obtjobs.org

Junior Johnson – Business Math afarrell@obtjobs.org
Alice Hawkins – Office Procedures ahawkins@obtjobs.org
Tania Lee Pabey Arroyo Medical Administrative Assistant Youth Coordinator tpabeyarroyo@obtjobs.org
Miguel Pacheco - Computer Instructor mpacheco@obtjobs.org

Bushwick Workforce Resource Center
Rodney Siau – Computers rsiau@obtjobs.org

Adult Literacy and Education Program Instructors
Pre-GED: André Ford aford@obtjobs.org
GED: Craig Lawrence

ESOL 1A: Jonathan Eckblad
ESOL 1B: Marion Ada Holland

Y Roads Center Jamaica
Randolph Archbald - Office Procedures/Computer Instructor rarchbald@obtjobs.org
David Shi - Business English Instructor dshi@obtjobs.org
Crystal Cunningham - English Instructor ccunningham@obtjobs.org

Y Roads Center Bronx
Vincent Ty - Office Procedures/Computer Instructor vty@obtjobs.org
Latoya Dalmida - Vocational Counselor ldalmida@obtjobs.org
Harold Parrales - HSE Instructor hparrales@obtjobs.org
Michael Kaufman - Math Instructor mkaufman@obtjobs.org
OBT Sunset Park
Jason Ronquillo - jronquillo@obtjobs.org
Vicki Savage – vsavage@obtjobs.org

OBT Bushwick/Williamsburg
Earl Bubb - ebubb@obtjobs.org
William Ortiz - wortiz@obtjobs.org
Stacey Sullivan - NDA Coordinator ssullivan@obtjobs.org
Corporate Recruiters:
OBT Sunset Park
Teresita Hurtado thurtado@obtjobs.org

OBT Bushwick/Williamsburg
Terri Saucier - Director of Employment tsaucier@obtjobs.org
Nicole Mason nmason@obtjobs.org
Alan Moore amoore@obtjobs.org

Y Roads Center Bronx
Frederick Johnson - Corporate Recruiter fjohnson@obtjobs.org
Opportunity Knocks Youth Internship Program
Alexandria Bellivan - Compliance Manager abellivan@obtjobs.org
Dashun Duran - Youth Coordinator dduran@obtjobs.org
Evelyn Ortiz - Assistant Director of Community Partnerships eortiz@obtjobs.org
Lorene Bell - Program Associate lbell@obtjobs.org

Eudene Neverson - Youth Coordinator eneverson@obtjobs.org
Anthony Alexis - Youth Coordinator aalexis@obtjobs.org

Y Roads Jamaica
Quinton Bailey - Senior Youth Coordinator qbailey@obtjobs.org
Linda Cabassa - YAIP Manager lcabassa@obtjobs.org

Vera Badamo - Director of Development / Consultant
Steven Montgomery - Grant Writer / Consultant
OES Staff: 718-369-0303
TTY/TDD 1 800-662-1220

OBT Website Design:
Lost In Brooklyn Studio - Website Development
OBT Identity:
LevinsonBlock - Brand & Identity Development

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