Leticia Bennett
Leticia Bennett
In 2005, Leticia Bennett was a 19-year old single mother in her senior year at Tele-Communications High School in Brooklyn. Now she successfully works at the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Brooklyn in the medical billing department.

Her journey to where she is today came with a lot of sacrifice and dedication with always with one goal in mind; to achieve success!

She came to Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Leticia recalls, “because my mother made me go. I tried going to high school with my baby, but I did not have enough credits to graduate.”

At first Ms. Bennett didn’t like the idea of dressing up everyday and “taking my piercing out”, but after some polite OBT coaching, she got used to the dress code. Once she completed the program she landed her first job at Assisted Care, a home health aide company, as a Receptionist.

While working at Assisted Care, Leticia enrolled in a medical billing training program. Soon after completing the program and getting her certificate, she started her job search again, but she had no experience in medical billing.

“I went to so many interviews that I was ready to give up. Everyone that interviewed me said the same thing, you have the professionalism and the personality but no experience”. That didn’t stop her from going to two more interviews however, one at Wyckoff Medical Center, and the other at Ambulatory Surgery Center of Brooklyn.

Ironically, Leticia was offered both jobs but decided to stay at Ambulatory Surgery Center, where she has been working for the last two and a half years. Her Supervisor Kim Lazar says of Leticia, “she has been a breath of fresh air and completely amazing to work with”.

Ms. Lazar, Vice President of Operations and Administration at the Center, confirms that Ms. Bennett is an important member of the staff. “She is dedicated and responsible. She even took the initiative to learn Spanish on her own", explains Ms. Lazar.

“OBT taught me discipline and dedication when studying was not my thing” says Leticia. She now has an associates degree in health administration from Kingsborough Community College, and she will soon be studying to become a registered nurse starting next fall at Columbia University.

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